12" Vinyl Options

  • Test pressings available
  • Heavyweight vinyl
  • Colour and special effect vinyl available
  • Double or Triple LPs
  • Black paper, poly-lined white or black paper, or printed inner sleeves
  • Choose between 3mm, 5mm, 7mm wide spines
  • Gatefold sleeves
  • Barcode printing available
  • Both matt and gloss finishes available
  • Creative finishes including embossing, hot-foiling and bespoke die-cutting
  • Custom packaging
  • All products can be shrink-wrapped with eco alternatives also available
  • Worldwide delivery
Classic black 12
Classic black 12" vinyl in printed sleeve.
Red vinyl 12
Red vinyl 12" record with printed insert.
12" blue vinyl with black paper inner.

Vinyl pressing is an exact process and, when done correctly, it gives you an album with a warm analogue sound. Not only does vinyl offer a distictive sound quality, it also gives your fans a beautifully printed object to keep forever. Once you have your master recordings ready to go, sorting your own vinyl pressing can seem daunting. What kind of sleeve should you choose? What size vinyl should you press? How much vinyl should you press?

With Breed Media, manufacturing your 12-inch record is easy! Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements. From there, we’ll send you a quote and then you can leave the rest to us. Sit back, relax and concentrate on making your next record!

All our vinyl packages include full colour printed premium card outer sleeves and full colour printed labels. Our Artwork guide gives you all the information you need to create and prepare your artwork for record printing.

12" vinyl sleeve with gold hot foiling.
Goat on red vinyl in custom die cut sleeve
Goat on red vinyl in custom die cut sleeve
Clear vinyl 12
Clear vinyl 12" record with printed inner.

12" Vinyl FAQs

There are a number of factors that determine how much music will fit on 12" vinyl, the most important of which are the speed (331/3 rpm or  45 rpm) and the type of music. As a general rule of thumb, 12-inch vinyl can hold up to 19 minutes of music per side at 331/3 rpm or around 15 minutes of music per site at 45 rpm. You should keep in mind however, that these times are approximate and will vary depending on the nature of the music and the mastering.

The difference between 33 1/3 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 45 rpm is simply the speed at which the record spins. 33 1/3 rpm allows for a longer playing time, however, 45 rpm sacrifices playing time but results in a higher quality sound.

When pressing vinyl with hidden tracks or any unusual features, this should be clearly communicated to us at the ordering stage. Provide the track number, name, time and details of your special requirements.

Each side of a record is cut in real time so the cutting engineer needs to know it there are any unusual or unexpected features. Examples include long gaps between tracks, silence in the middle of a track and very quiet passages or deliberate use of electronic buzz, distortion etc.

A catalogue number is a string of numbers and/or letters used to identify an record for ordering or stock control and sales purposes. It is important to allocate your vinyl pressing a catalogue number which you can create yourself. This number should be unique and will be applied to your label and sleeve artwork so that each part is correctly married-up to ensure your final product is correct. 

Breed Media performs extra checks on copyright information for audio, data, and artwork. We will require you to confirm that you own these copyrights and if not, it will require us to send label copy and licensing documentation together with your parts and/or data to the CD/DVD/Blu-ray replication plant or vinyl pressing plant.

Ordering 12" Vinyl

To order your 12" vinyl go to vinyl prices where you can quickly select a package, get a price and send us your order.

If you prefer just contact us to get started on your 12" vinyl pressing project.

Why Choose Breed Media for 12” Vinyl Pressing?

After more than 15 years pressing vinyl for the music industry, musicians and labels have come to realise that our customer service and product quality are unrivalled within the business.

Choosing Breed Media means more than just pressing a record or manufacturing a CD, Cassette or DVD. We believe that our products should reflect the creativity of your artists. That’s why we keep you engaged in the whole process, from choosing formats through to the delivery of your product. We see each release as a unique project, and do everything we can to give you the highest quality product through an easy and enjoyable process.


At Breed Media we strive to make sure that our vinyl records, CDs, and DVDs are produced responsibly and with consideration for the environment. Our Eco Policy guarantees that our products meet ISO 14001 standards, using sustainable packaging sources, while still maintaining outstanding quality. Our customers can be confident that we always aim to manufacture the most eco-friendly products available today.