10" Vinyl Options

  • Test pressings are available
  • Heavyweight vinyl
  • Colour and Special Effect vinyl available
  • Double or Triple LPs for multiple record printing
  • Black paper, poly-lined white or black paper, or printed inner sleeves
  • Choose between 3mm, 5mm, 7mm wide spines
  • Gatefold Sleeves
  • Barcodes available
  • Both Matt and Gloss finishes available
  • Creative finishes including embossing, hot-foiling and bespoke die-cutting
  • Fully customised packaging
  • All products can be shrink-wrapped with eco alternatives also available
  • Worldwide delivery
10" pink vinyl with paper inner.
10" record in sleeve with centre hole cutout.
10" eco-vinyl in printed sleeve.

Discover the art of vinyl pressing with Breed Media. Vinyl records offer a distinctive warm analogue sound that is distinct to digital formats. Vinyl isn't just about the quality of music but provides a timeless artefact that gives physical ownership to the purchaser.

Releasing your music on vinyl with beautifully printed sleeves helps to create lasting connections with your audience as they handle the records.

When it's time to start pressing your master recordings onto vinyl, the process can certainly feel overwhelming. Selecting the right sleeve, vinyl size, and quantity can be a real challenge if you've never done it before.

If you choose Breed Media to help you press your 10" vinyl records, we'll assist you with each step of the journey. Trust us to guide you through the process, ensuring your vinyl pressing experience is smooth and successful. We've got you covered from sleeve options to vinyl sizes and quantities.

Just get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your requirements for pressing your 10 inch vinyl records. We’ll send you a quote for what you’re looking for and if you choose to proceed you can leave the rest to us!

All our vinyl packages include full colour printed premium card outer sleeves and full colour printed labels. Our Artwork Guide provides you with all the information you need to create and prepare your artwork for record printing.

The Earthtone triple gatefold sleeve..
The Earthtone triple gatefold sleeve..
.. housed 3 x 10
.. housed 3 x 10" blue colour vinyl.
Inner pages of triple gatefold.
Inner pages of triple gatefold.

10" Vinyl FAQs

The playing time of a 10" vinyl record depends on the speed you choose; either 45 or 33 ⅓ rpm. At 33 ⅓ rpm  you have about 14 minutes per side and at 45 rpm it's around 10 minutes per side. This makes the 10” vinyl record perfect for EPs. As always the maximum playing time is dependent on the style of music and in particular fat, bass tones which will reduce the available time.

10" vinyl records offer a unique vinyl format that provide something a little diffferent to the more common 7" and 12" sizes. Their intermidiate size allows for a longer playing time than  7" records, making them a perfect choice for EPs and mini albums. They offer a good compromise between the 7" single records and the more immersive experience of 12" LPs.

Yes! You can play 10" vinyl records on a standard turntable. Most turntables are designed to accommodate different vinyl sizes, including 10" records.

Storing and handling 10" vinyl records requires care and keeping to a few basics to maintain their quality. Here are a few tips:

  • Store your records vertically in a cool, dry place to prevent warping and damage.
  • Use anti-static inner sleeves to protect the vinyl surface and reduce static build-up.
  • Avoid touching the playing surface of the record to prevent fingerprints and smudges.
  • Handle records by the edges or use clean, lint-free gloves if necessary.
  • Keep records away from direct sunlight, heat sources and extreme temperatures to prevent warping or distortion.

Ordering 10" Vinyl

To order your vinyl go to vinyl prices where you can quickly select a package, get a price and send us your order.

If you prefer just contact us to get started on your next vinyl pressing project.

10 inch etched special vinyl.
10 inch etched special vinyl.
10" picture disc with printed inner.
10" slive with centre hole cutout.

Why choose Breed Media for 10" Vinyl Pressing?

After more than 15 years pressing vinyl for the music industry, musicians and labels have come to realise that our customer service and product quality are unrivalled within the business.

Choosing Breed Media means more than just pressing a record, CD, Cassette or DVD. We believe that our products should reflect the creativity of your artists. That’s why we keep you engaged in the whole process, from choosing formats through to the delivery of your product. We see each release as a unique project, and do everything we can to give you the highest quality product through an easy and enjoyable process.

Environmental Considerations

At Breed Media we strive to make sure that our vinyl records, CDs, and DVDs are produced responsibly and with consideration for the environment. Our Eco Policy guarantees that our products meet ISO 14001 standards, using sustainable packaging sources, while still maintaining outstanding quality. Our customers can be confident that we always aim to manufacture the most eco-friendly products available today.