CD in Jewel Case Options

  • Glass Mastering
  • Expert artwork analysis, proofs and printing plates
  • Up to 6 colour CD onbody print
  • Black or colour tray available.
  • Super jewel box, double CD packaging
  • Worldwide manufacturing & delivery available

In the market for high-calibre, bespoke CD replication? If so, you’ve arrived at the right destination.

Breed Media's exquisite range of CDs in jewel cases will suit all of your CD manufacturing needs. With the capability for up to 6-colour CD replication, we provide versatile packaging options, from classic jewel cases with clear, black, or coloured trays to super jewel box CD packaging. 

As with all of our vinyl pressing and CD replication services, we take tremendous pride in our commitment to quality and presentation, ensuring that you receive a product of the utmost excellence.

Our expertly designed jewel case packaging is your CD's shield against dust, scratches, and potential damage, preserving your music collection.

Moreover, our CDs offer an exceptional sound quality that remains resilient over time, meaning you can enjoy the music you love for longer. 

But there's more to our products than exceptional music. By choosing us, you're making a significant environmental impact. We exclusively use sustainable cards, employ top-notch environmentally friendly inks, and adhere to ISO certified packaging standards.

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CD in Super Jewel Box

At Breed Media, we proudly offer a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional jewel case – the Super Jewel Box, with innovative design and enhanced features. 

Notably, the Super Jewel Box boasts a slightly thicker build, providing heightened durability, and its shape departs from the traditional case with smoothly curved edges. 

As such, these cases not only stand out visually but also convey a sense of authenticity and stylish elegance. They are perfect for limited editions or deluxe versions of products.

CD in Jewel Case FAQs

Indeed, super jewel boxes come in a wide array of sizes and styles to accommodate multiple CDs and additional booklets ideal for special editions or limited edition releases.

Super jewel boxes, owing to their advanced features and materials, come at a higher price point compared to traditional jewel cases. Costs will vary based on your specific requirements and the number of CD in the package.

Typically, super jewel boxes are designed with arrows indicating finger placement underneath the box and thumbs on top. By applying pressure at both ends following these markings, you should find it easy to open the box.

Ordering CD in Jewelcase

To order your CD in Jewel case go to CD Prices where you can quickly select a package, get a price and send us your order.

If you prefer just contact us to get started on your next CD manufacturing project.

Why Breed Media?

At Breed Media, our seasoned CD manufacturers bring extensive experience in CD replication and print production. We take great pride in delivering top-notch service and upholding a commitment to excellence. Visit our testimonials page to read what other customers have shared about their experiences with us.

If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to get in touch with our team at Breed. Simply send us an email through our contact us page.

Our Environmental Values

At Breed Media, we place a strong emphasis on our commitment to environmentally sustainable products, striving to contribute to a cleaner and safer future for music production.

We employ plant-based varnish on our CDs, a choice that benefits the environment by emitting fewer harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. This approach significantly reduces the risk of adverse health effects associated with traditional manufacturing processes.