CD in Card Wallet Options

  • Up to 6 colour CD onbody printing
  • Heavy card options are available
  • Range of matt and gloss finishes
  • Fulfilment
  • Shrinkwrap (optional)
  • Worldwide manufacturing & delivery available
CD in card wallet
CD in card wallet
CD in card wallet
CD in card wallet
CD in card wallet
CD in card wallet

Card wallets are about the most cost effective way to package your CDs, making them the perfect solutions for demos, singles or marketing. Here at Breed Media, we specialise in delivering top of the range CDs in card wallets. Our custom CD wallet printing services include bespoke printed artwork and flexible customisation options.

From conducting expert artwork analysis to creating proofs and printing plates, our seasoned team of CD replication professionals collaborate closely with you to bring your CD card wallet to life.

Our custom CD in card wallet printing services are also designed with environmental responsibility in mind. Card wallets make a great alternative to plastic packaging, and we use board from sustainable sources. 

Whether your project calls for a minimum run of 500 units or demands larger-scale production, our CD replication services can adapt to meet your specific needs. Additionally, we provide worldwide manufacturing and delivery options, enabling you to connect with your audience no matter where they reside.

Get in touch with us to discuss your order and receive a personalised quote.

Or, see our Artwork guide for all the information you need to prepare you for your printing.

CD in Card Wallet FAQs

CD in card wallet products are renowned for their cost-effectiveness and compact design, offering substantial benefits to budget-conscious music makers.

Indeed, card wallets are highly customisable, making these products an excellent choice for those seeking authenticity and minimalism in their purchases.

Card wallets offer protection against scratches and dust for your CDs, but they are vulnerable to damage from falls onto hard surfaces due to their lack of highly durable materials, like plastic.

With proper care and storage, CDs in card wallets can indeed remain durable and meet your needs for an extended period.

Certainly, you have the option to include additional CD printing on both sides of the card wallet, providing an opportunity for extra artwork.

Ordering CD in Card Wallet

To order your CD Card Wallet go to CD Prices where you can quickly select a package, get a price and send us your order.

If you prefer just contact us to get started on your next CD manufacturing project.

Why Breed Media?

With extensive experience in CD replication and CD print production, Breed’s expert CD manufacturers take great pride in our service and commitment to quality. Check our testimonials page to see what other music fans have had to say about their time with us at Breed Media.

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Throughout our range of CD replication, packaging, and vinyl manufacturing services, Breed Media places a strong emphasis on environmentally sustainable practices. Our goal is to forge a cleaner and safer future for music production.

Our dedication to sustainability is exemplified by our adoption of plant-based varnish for our CD packaging .This reduces the amount of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere by CD, vinyl and DVD manufacturing.