With more than 15 years experience Breed Media has built a reputation for high-calibre CD printing and manufacturing. Our products come with a variety of packaging options, ranging from the classic jewel case to sustainable alternatives like the digifile, card wallet, and vinyl-style digifile with a remus spine, which echoes the aesthetic of traditional vinyl record sleeves.

CD Manufacture FAQs

Yes we still offer jewel cases as a packaging option however we encourage our customers to choose the more environmentally friendly card packaging options such as digifiles and card wallets.

If you need a CD run of fewer than 500 we offer a top quality CD duplication service with professionally printed onbody labels and the same packaging options as CD replication. Just get in touch to find out more.

A digipak, also known by its generic name of digipack is a rectangular cardboard disc packaging with a plastic tray(s) to secure the CD or DVD and was one of the first alternatives to Jewelcases.

CD replication is a physical manufacturing process that entails pressing discs from a glass master during production. These replicated discs are known as CD ROM discs, with 'ROM' denoting 'Read-Only Memory,' distinguishing them from CD-Rs where 'R' stands for 'Recordable.'

Ideal for larger quantities (500 or more), CD replication is a swift and cost-effective production method. 

Learn more about the difference between duplication and replication with our handy guide.

How to order your CDs

To order your CD replication go to CD prices where you can quickly select a package, get a price and send us your order.

Or, if you prefer just contact us to get started on your next cd manufacturing project.

Why choose Breed Media’s CD replication services?

The growing popularity of vinyl in the era of MP3 downloads and streaming reflects an enduring desire for people to own their music in the form of a physical object. CDs provide a swift and cost-effective means of delivering a beautifully crafted physical item into the hands of your fans.

With this in mind, Breed Media has made it a mission to make high-quality CD manufacturing easily accessible. Our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services is evident in our diverse range of packaging options, from classic choices like jewel cases to more sustainable alternatives such as digifiles and card wallets.

What’s more, we understand the importance of sustainability in CD manufacturing. We use FSC certified card and environmentally friendly, plant-based inks. Explore options like capacity wallets and card wallets for a premium, sustainable CD solution.

Our Sheffield-based team consists of knowledgeable experts and passionate music enthusiasts who are deeply connected to the local and national creative arts scene. We’ll ensure that your CD replication project is handled with the utmost care and expertise.