Experience hassle-free vinyl manufacturing by supplying your vinyl artwork to Breed Media’s expert team. Our package includes a thorough PDF checking service, ensuring your final print-ready PDFs are meticulously prepared. We thoroughly check each product we create to guarantee top-notch quality in every vinyl, CD, and DVD.

Supplying your vinyl artwork FAQs

To avoid extra charges make sure you:

  • Supply Final Print Ready PDFs.
  • Conform to the specifications outlined in our Artwork Guide PDF.
  • Artwork must be set out on our templates.
  • Please also supply native (original) file formats (using InDesign where possible) along with fonts with your final print ready PDFs. We provide templates in Adobe InDesign and as Acrobat PDFs.


You can supply your  vinyl, CD or DVD artwork to our Breedport WeTransfer Page, via email or using an online file delivery service such as WeTransfer.

When you send us your artwork PDFs we will check the following before going to press.

  • Greyscale and colour Images are over 300dpi.
  • Bitmap images are at least 600dpi.
  • Images are CMYK or greyscale.
  • The ink coverage limits are correct.
  • The document creates the correct number of plates.
  • Bleed is included.
  • Page size is correct or spec size is correct.
  • Barcode is 1-colour and correct resolution, but not readability.
  • All fonts are embedded.
  • Text is over minimum size.

  • Spelling, grammar or any written or image content.
  • Design aspects of the artwork.
  • Text legibility.
  • Images printing poorly due to the quality of images being used.
  • The page order of artwork.
  • Text, including spine text, has the correct orientation.
  • Image alignment across pages.

We won’t check these aspects of your artwork as they are mostly subjective and we will assume that you or your designer has made a conscious decision to design them in the way they are supplied and will have carefully checked through everything before you send it.

Before your vinyl, CD or DVD artwork is printed we will send you PDF proofs of your designs for final approval. In order to proceed with the order, you must reply by email to approve the PDFs. This PDF is NOT to be used for colour approval due to variances in screen settings and resolution. Please check all other aspects including, but not limited to: position, spelling, fonts, bleed, barcode, vinyl a/b sides, overprint and knockout.

Digitally printed proofs are available at cost on request. However, digitally printed proofs are not available for reverse board printing (see below). Wet proofs are also available at cost on request. Press passes can be arranged for UK manufacture at cost, but UK manufacture is not included in the prices quoted on the website.

Please be advised that any additional proofing will increase production turnaround times.

In this instance PDFs are sent directly to the printers. Usually this is a time driven decision, however, if the files you supply are incorrect and are caught prior to printing you will be asked to re-supply and will be charged the £30.00 + VAT resupply charge.

We have supplier specific templates to cover all of the formats that Breed Media manufacture. Please contact your account manager or email info@breedmedia.co.uk (quoting your catalogue or job number) to obtain the correct template for your order.

We provide templates in Adobe in Design that are specifically set up to fit into our printers’ workflow. If you are designing your artwork in another program, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, then we can provide PDFs that clearly show the required specifications.

As there are such a wide array of different print formats available it is important that you use the specific templates we send for the job that you are ordering.

Reverse board print involves printing on the uncoated (or reverse) side of the board as opposed to the standard coated side. As it is uncoated, the ink will sink into the board creating a ‘duller’ printed finish. Comparing reverse board printing to standard coated board printing will show a marked difference in the end result. If you choose reverse board, be aware that your PDF proof will not take this effect into consideration. Also be aware that if you are printing over two formats where one is on reverse board and the other is on standard coated board or gloss art paper, you could achieve very different results. If you are unsure about the final printed effect of reverse board, you should consider a ‘Wet Proof’ to ensure that the end result is how you envisage it to be.

For more information and to get the best from our packaging options why not download our Artwork Guide PDF.