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Vinyl Colour Swatch

Injecting colour into every release, our 7", 10" and 12" colour vinyl pressing range includes:

  • Classic Black
  • White
  • Clear options
  • Yellow options
  • Red options
  • Pink options
  • Orange options
  • Blue options
  • Brown options
  • Green options
  • Grey
  • Purple options
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Multicolour splatter effects
  • Multicolour speckle effects
  • Multicolour half & half effects
  • Colour-in-colour effects
  • 'Vapour' vinyl colour effects
  • Striped colour effects
  • Segmented colour effects
  • Side A/Side B colour effects
  • Pantone® referencing for bespoke spot colours, fluorescents, metallics
  • Picture discs

When using multicolour effects, due to the nature of the hand-crafting processes involved each vinyl record will be unique. There may not always be an equal balance of colour(s) on each side of the record (the darkness of the base colour Vs the lightness of the added colour[s] will be a determining factor), and this individuality is what gives this kind of creative finish its unique character: no two units will be exactly the same, a fact real vinyl lovers will celebrate over uniformity.

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