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PaperFoam Da Vinci Pak

The incredible PaperFoam Da Vinci PakĀ®.

PaperFoam disc trays are paper-recyclable and biodegradable when composted.

  • PaperFoam: environmentally friendly alternative to plastic
  • PaperFoam is manufactured in a patented, one-step injection moulded process using a starch-based fibre material.
  • PaperFoam meets European compost-ability testing protocols from Organic Waste Systems (OWS)
  • PaperFoam Da Vinci Pak® (a.k.a Digipaks) are 100% biodegradable
  • Double-thickness card throughout, with spine
  • FSC certified 100% sustainable card or recycled card
  • Printed with premium vegetable based inks
  • Water-based varnish seal
  • 100% recyclable - safe for future generations
  • Minimum run 500 units
  • Worldwide delivery available


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