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Vinyl Pressing Product Range

Express Yourself with the Art of Vinyl Pressing. 

Choose classic & creative pressing techniques. 
Create artful & ecological premium packaging. 
Enrich your records with music download codes.
Enjoy inspiring products, affordable prices and client care that cuddles.

Use the Quick Quote form or make contact for tailored pricing. Our vinyl specialists exist to assist.

7-inch vinyl pressing, printed sleeves

7", full colour labels & premium sleeves, from 100 units More...

10-inch vinyl, printed sleeves

10", full colour labels & premium sleeves, from 100 units More...

12-inch vinyl pressing, printed sleeves

12", full colour labels & premium sleeves, from 100 units More...

7-inch vinyl, discobag sleeves

Press 7" vinyl, colour labels, discobag, from 100 units More...

10-inch vinyl, discobag sleeves

Press 10" vinyl, colour labels, discobag, from 100 units More...

12-inch vinyl, discobag sleeves

Press 12" vinyl, colour labels, discobag, from 100 units More...

Gatefold Sleeves

Press vinyl and pack to premium gatefold sleeves More...

Coloured Vinyl

Colour, splatter, picture disc vinyl record pressing More...

Creative Vinyl Products

Bespoke, creative, custom record packaging More...

Vinyl Box Sets

Value-added Vinyl Box Sets, from 250 units More...

Shaped Vinyl

Press shaped records from 250 units More...

Universal Vinyl Packaging

Off-the-shelf sleeves for vinyl manufacturing More...

Vinyl mastering

Audio master optimisation for vinyl duplication More...

Vinyl distribution

Vinyl duplication fulfilment & delivery services More...

Vinyl record FAQ

Vinyl manufacturing & packaging FAQ More...

Vinyl pressing order

Place your record manufacturing order today More...

CD Replication Nav

CD replication, creative & ecological packaging More...

DVD replication nav

DVD replication, creative & ecological packaging More...

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Breed's vinyl pressing service includes:

  • Industry-leading value and service
  • All record manufacturing undertaken at pressing plants with strict quality control
  • Prices from £380.00+ VAT
  • Professional, affordable UK audio mastering to optimise music for the vinyl manufacturing process
  • Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) copper master disc creation
  • Lacquer cutting and pressing plate processing
  • Professional compression moulding of pre-heated vinyl patties using cut metalwork
  • Classic and heavyweight 7", 10" and 12" vinyl pressings 
  • Black, Colour and Pantone vinyl record pressing, with various colour effects including marble, colour-in-colour, splatter, speckled and vapour vinyl production
  • Manufacturing of full colour picture disc records
  • Shaped vinyl record pressing service
  • Low price, high value graphic design from £30.00+ VAT
  • Premium litho printing in full colour and Pantones
  • Eco-friendly FSC Certified and recycled paper & card for all sleeves and packaging
  • Fulfilment and Shrinkwrapping
  • Run-out groove engraving
  • Retail barcode generation
  • Custom and bespoke creative packaging
  • Value-added box-set design
  • Myriad matt or gloss sleeve finishes including non-toxic matt and gloss machine varnishes, lamination in both matte and gloss styles, uncoated and matt boards
  • Embossing, de-bossing and hot-foiling
  • White label test pressings for approval of audio
  • Music download code management: creating download cards with serialised download codes, or printing unique codes to your record sleeves/inserts
  • Free UK and low cost worldwide delivery.

Prices include everything you need to create your vinyl release, with no hidden extras. Your audio masters can be uploaded to Breed Production, from which your master metalwork plates will be cut (known as 'stampers') for pressing your records, or you can supply pre-cut lacquers which we will then process to stampers. 

How many tracks you can fit on these lacquers or stampers depends on the total length of time and the cutting speed you require. Use this guide for the ideal ratios of track length, decibel level and cutting speed (note the below info is per vinyl side):

33 rpm   dB (volume) notes
10 mins  +4 Loud dance/hip-hop 
15 mins  +2 Great length for rock
16 mins  +1 Good 
22 mins  0 OK 

45 rpm   dB (volume) notes
08 mins  +4 Loud dance/hip-hop 
11 mins  +3 Great 
14 mins  +1 Maximum recommended 
16 mins  0 Suggest 33 rpm

33 rpm   dB (volume) notes
04 mins  +2 Loud single  
06 mins  0 Normal EP volume 
07 mins  -1 Maximum recommended  
08 mins  -2 Getting quiet 

45 rpm   dB (volume) notes
03 mins  +3 Good & loud single
04 mins  +1 Good 
05 mins  0 Maximum recommended
06 mins  -1 Suggest 33 rpm 

The max. times recommended per 10" vinyl side are 14:00 min. @ 33+1/3rpm, 11 min. @ 45rpm. 

All your 7" and 12" records can be pressed at classic or heavyweight vinyl, which for 7" is 42g and 70g respectively and for 12" is 140g and 180g. For 10" records the weight of the pressings is around 115g. Only pure virgin black vinyl is used for the very best sound, and you have a wide choice of creative ways to press vinyl including myriad colours and colour combination effects, shaped record pressings and picture discs.

How to supply your audio master:

To process your audio for vinyl pressing you’ll need to provide your master tracks in unlimited 24-bit WAV16-bit WAVRed Book StandardDDP/DDPi or AIFF format (MP3s are not recommended due to the poor sound quality).

Processing your audio for vinyl pressing can be very different to digital formats, so for best results your tracks should be specifically mastered for vinyl: this means reducing bass levels in the left & right channels, ensuring there is no sibilance on high frequencies, and ensuring no distorted or overly-emphasised frequencies are present, to reduce the risk of further distortion at the cutting stage.

Do also bear in mind that due to a commitment to fight music piracy and copyright infringement, if your vinyl pressing master contains any third-party owned recordings all relevant permissions for the replication of this content must be provided to Breed Media for manufacturing to commence. If you are unsure what permissions might be required we can help: in most cases replication licenses can be obtained from MCPS/PRS For Music, for more info visit their website.

There are also many types of sleeves and packaging for you to choose from, using the finest premium materials including heavyweight 320gsm white board for all single printed sleeves, 350gsm board for all gatefold sleeves, and colour-rich non-toxic inks to achieve the highest quality and to achieve the ecological standards our customers demand. You would receive your records packed to audiophile anti-static inner sleeves, then packed to the outer sleeves for which there is a huge selection of creative finishes.

Contact Breed Media today and let's create something amazing. Use our Quick Quote form at right for prompt pricing, or for more detailed info on on how to press vinyl records and supplying masters and artwork for manufacture visit the Breed Vinyl Pressing FAQ.


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