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CD Replication Product Range

Express Yourself with Evolved CD Replication. 

Choose classic & creative replication techniques.
Create inspiring, ecological premium packaging. 
Enjoy inspiring products, affordable prices and client care that cuddles.

Use the Quick Quote form or make contact for tailored pricing. Our CD specialists exist to assist.

CD in Da Vinci File

Eco-friendly 4 page Da Vinci File, from 300 units More...

CD in 6 page Da Vinci File

Ecological 6 page Da Vinci File, from 300 units More...

CD in 8 page Da Vinci File

Eco-friendly 8 page Da Vinci File, from 300 units More...

CD in Da Vinci Pak

Ecological 4 page Da Vinci Pak, from 300 units More...

CD in 6 page Da Vinci Pak

Eco-friendly 6 page Da Vinci Pak, from 300 units More...

CD in 8 Page Da Vinci Pak

Eco-friendly 8 page Da Vinci Pak, from 300 units More...

Vinyl-style Da Vinci File

Vinyl gatefold-style 4 page CD Da Vinci File packaging More...

CD rep or CD Dupe?

CD Manufacturing or CD Duplication? More...

CD in Jewelcase

CD in Classic Jewelcase, from 300 units More...

CD in Card Wallet

CD in classic card wallet, from 300 units More...

Capacity Wallets

Premium outer & inner card wallet, from 300 units More...

CD in Super Jewel Box

CD pressing in Super Jewel Box, from 300 units More...

CD Maxi Single

CD pressing in Maxi Single case, from 300 units More...

CD Replication on spindle

CD manufacturing with print on spindle, from 300 units More...

Universal CD Packaging

Discs in off-the-shelf packaging More...

Multi Jewelboxes

Multiple CD pressing in Multi Jewelbox More...

Jewelcase & O-Tube

Slip cases for CD manufacturing More...

Ecological CD Packaging

Eco-friendly CD packaging & media More...

Creative CD Packaging

Creative CD packaging & conceptualisation More...

CD Replication Box Sets

Box Set design and creation from 500 units More...

CD Replication FAQ

CD manufacturing Frequently Asked Questions More...

Studio Pre-Mastering for CD Pressing

Professional audio mastering More...

CD Replication Fulfilment & Distribution

Fulfilment services for CD manufacturing More...

Ordering CD Replication

Place your CD pressing order today More...

CD Duplication option

CD duplication & CD packaging More...

Vinyl pressing CD nav

Vinyl pressing & record packaging More...

DVD replication CD nav

DVD replication & packaging More...

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Breed Media commit to only replicate CD and packaging using 'clean' methods. We've developed a trusted network of ISO 14000 and ISO 14001 certified disc manufacturing partners, to ensure they meet the environmental standards we demand for our customers.

The second step in our evolution of traditional disc manufacturing was developing a range of products which embodied our desire for emissions reduction. The easiest way to do this was to remove one ingredient: Plastic. By developing a plastic-free CD packaging range, and using 100% sustainable FSC Certified paper and cardboard instead, we instantly reduced the embodied carbon emissions of CD pressing by up to 90%. 

Since day one we have also committed to making our office operations carbon neutral, with our carbon offsetting partners CO2 Balance. 2014 saw us use profits to purchase energy efficient stoves for Kenyan villages.

We provide you a cradle-to-gate production service including:

  • Best industry value, quality and service 
  • Glass-mastering of your premasters and processing to metal stampers (moulds)
  • Injection-moulding of optical-grade polycarbonate pellets to create the highest grade replicated CDs
  • Premium litho printing for discs and packaging, in full colour and Pantone inks
  • Metadata insertion: ISRC and CD Text encoding to your audio masters for royalty collection and info
  • Barcode generation and insertion, an essential for retail distribution
  • Custom creative packaging, bespoke template & die-cutter creation
  • Box-set design and creation
  • Various matt and gloss varnishes, matt and gloss lamination, tactile matt boards
  • Low cost UK audio mastering services to optimise audio to a commercial standard
  • Free mainland UK and low price worldwide delivery

Contact Breed today to discuss your CD pressing project, and visit our CD Manufacturing FAQ for more detailed information on how to replicate CDs, preparing your master assets and how to supply them to us once ready to proceed.

How to supply your master:

To process your audio for CD replication you will need you to supply a Red Book master, which can be DDP/DDPi format as an upload, or as a Red Book or DDP on CDR, or as a retail-ready CDWAV files can also be supplied and converted to Red Book audio if needed. WAV files are data rather than audio, and if they are not re-formatted to audio they will not play on CD players. WAV files will also not retain metadata, so if metadata (CD Text and ISRC Codes) is required this will need to be re-encoded during the conversion to audio.

How to supply your artwork:

Your artwork must be supplied as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK) or Pantone colours depending, at 300dpi (dots per inch).

• Onbody artwork (this is the disc face): The template supplied to you will detail the precise measurements, and please ensure no images or text falls outside the printable area.

• Printed paper/card components: A 'bleed' area of 3mm should be added around the outside of all files and no text should fall within 3mm of any trim lines/folds on any component. All files must be supplied as CMYK, unless Pantone printing has been agreed.

Please contact us for all artwork templates and for further information and guidelines on preparing your artwork files for manufacture.


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