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Vinyl Pressing FAQ

Vinyl Manufacturing FAQ

How shall I supply my vinyl pressing master?

• To process your audio for vinyl pressing you'll to supply a pre-master in unlimited 24-bit WAV (recommended for best results), 16-bit WAVRed Book Standard audioDDP or lossless AIFF format (MP3 is not recommended).

• Processing audio for vinyl record pressing can be very different to digital formats, so for best results tracks should be specifically mastered for vinyl playback: this means reducing bass levels in the left & right channels, ensuring there is no sibilance on high frequencies, and ensuring no distorted or overly-emphasised frequencies are present, to reduce the risk of further distortion at the cutting stage.

Breed has a pre-mastering department that can optimise your pre-masters for vinyl pressing, contact us for more information if required.

• Your supplied record pressing audio masters will be processed using the 'flat cut' method: this means there will be no changes made to the supplied audio, as it's assumed the customer wants their finished records to sound as close as possible to the audio files supplied to us. This is why optimising your audio for vinyl record pressing at the pre-mastering stage is important: it will give you a better chance of 100% achieving the sound you want to during cutting, where limitations of the mechanical process could affect the outcome, if for example you were to supply audio mastered for digital.

• You must include a tracklist containing the name and running time of each track, the desired speed(s), and on what side of the record the tracks should be (our Purchase Order form has a simple tracklist template for completion).

• You can supply record pressing pre-masters in the following ways:

BreedPort (recommended)You can upload your files direct to your own personal FTP space. Please contact to retrieve details and instructions.

Disc: You can supply a physical master as CDR/DVDR or retail-ready CD.

• All tracks must be named according to their sides and track numbers, i.e. SIDE_A_TRACK_1 etc, and sent together within a zip folder to prevent corruption in upload. This zip folder must be named with your catalogue number.

Please note: If your audio master contains cover versions of third-party owned recordings you may require an MCPS licence to manufacture; more info on licensing content for manufacture can be found here.  

How should I supply my artwork?

Please contact us to request the vinyl packaging template you need, or if you're unsure. Once you have the template, please supply the artwork as PDF.

The basic requirements for vinyl pressing designs are:

• All files to be supplied as CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) or spot (Pantone) colours depending on your quote, at a resolution no lower than 300dpi. 

• Paperparts and labels: 3mm of bleed is required around outside of all paperparts and labels and no text within 3mm of cutlines or folds on paperparts. All files to be CMYK for paperparts unless Pantones have been agreed, and all files must have all keylines removed.

• 8+ page vinyl booklets should be supplied as printers' pairs (eg. 1 & 8, 2 & 7, 3 & 6).

All files must be supplied on our templates, in PDF format, with all transparencies removed. Please supply with text layers unflattened, with all fonts embedded or converted to curves.

If you cannot output to PDF, we can convert other file formats (native files, .jpg, .tif etc) to PDF. Please note (reasonable) charges may apply if native files are supplied and remedial works are required. 

• You can supply artwork for record pressing in the following ways:

BreedPort (recommended): You can upload your files direct to your own personal FTP space. Please contact to retrieve your details.

Email: Your files can be emailed, up to 10mb. If above this size please send via a 3rd party FTP site such as WeTransfer, Hightail etc.

Disc: You can supply a physical CDR or DVDR.

Your artwork will be processed to proofs usually within 24-48 hours of order placement, assuming files are to specification.

Breed also has a highly skilled in-house graphics department to finalise your files, or design from scratch if needed. We can also generate barcodes and insert to your artwork: an essential if your release is destined for retail distribution. Contact us for more info. 

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