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Our Mission

Our Mission

We are salmon! 

Born Spring 2007, our DNA drives us to make creative leaps against the flow of normality, to scale new heights with our innovation and commitment to doing things differently. 

Stability, control, mastery, permanence are necessities of service provision. But we quench a thirst for more, applying deep creative thought to the way we deliver physical media to you. We give you options, give you the chance to indulge your imagination. 

Express Yourself 

We’ll enable you to express yourself, your message, your brand, your band through engaging, value-added physical media products your audience will enjoy receiving – products with deep meaning added through their ecological credentials.

But our creativity extends far beyond this, to a strong belief in the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ business principle. This is the simultaneous pursuit of social equity, environmental quality and economic prosperity. People, planet, profit. We are committed to:

  1. Active care for the environment
  2. Responsible, fair and sustainable trading practice
  3. The avoidance of short term business practices that cause long term damage
  4. Equitable, non-exploitative employment practices
  5. Equality of opportunity and promotion of diversity
  6. Socially responsible activities

We are innovators. We are creative. We evolve with the times. We endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment.

This is what aligns us with our customers.

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A CarbonZero Company

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