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DVD Duplication or DVD Replication

DVD Replication

DVD replication from glassmaster, also known as DVD pressing and DVD manufacturing, is the highest quality, industry professional standard and most cost effective way of producing DVD. 500 units is the minimum run, however the price per unit drops considerably when compared to the more labour intensive DVD duplication. 500 superior quality replicated DVDs are equivalent in cost to around 250 duplicated DVDs.

DVD Duplication

DVD duplication, also known as burning, to pre-existing recordable DVD (DVDR) is useful for short, fast runs when needed. We only use silver-bottomed DVDRs and the best quality digital printing methods to achieve as close as possible a match to the professional industry-standard DVD pressing process. The minimum run is 200 units, but we would always advise using DVD replication rather than DVD duplication, for added professionalism and much greater value.

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